We customize

Wooden boxes

We specialize in brand engraving on wooden houses of all types and sizes using the most modern and advanced printing technologies .

Hot stamping and screen printing are among the most used techniques for imprinting the company logo on wooden boxes.

We guarantee a complete service by assisting each customer from layout design to shipping, without ever losing sight of the product's image and communication needs.

Hot stamping

Hot engraving printing is one of the most used techniques for imprinting and personalizing wooden containers and boxes with your company logo.

The procedure involves the creation of the metal cliché , usually in brass or magnesium, starting from the vector document of the logo.

The metal matrix is ​​heated by the special machinery and the desired logo, design or writing is impressed on the wood. The result obtained is elegant , shiny and black or dark brown in colour.

Silkscreen printing

Screen printing on wood is a permeographic printing technique which uses a " screen printing frame " as a matrix.

The permeation of the ink from the upper part of the screen printing frame to the printing surface of the wooden object or artifact occurs through the screen printing fabric, with a slight pressure of the screen printing doctor blade.

This type of woodworking technique allows you to print the logo in any color.

Different types of closures

Among the types of closures there are also different solutions to completely customize the wooden box:


  • Bauletto
  • Scroll (wood)
  • Scroll (plexiglass)
  • Nailed in wood


  • Guillotine interior
  • Interior with wooden slats
  • Internal cardboard interlayers


  • Cord handle