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Glass Solutions

In partnership with Serigrafia Defilippi Srl we create glass works that include screen printing and pad printing, laser engraving, sandblasting, satin finishing and painting.

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies , constant research and attention to materials, we create graphics and details of quality and precision . We also make use of an internal workshop and thanks to which we adapt the production lines to each individual process, thus guaranteeing flexibility and production speed .

With our internal technical center we support the customer in every phase of the project.

Screen printing

Screen printing on glass is a printing technique which consists in the fusion of color pigments with glass through a screen printing frame.

It can take place using ceramic or organic colors: the former, to adhere permanently to the glass, pass in the annealing oven at high temperatures (around 650°C) while the latter at lower temperatures (200°C) due to the different composition.

We carry out work on all types of formats : perfume bottles, bottles, glasses, goblets and containers for cosmetics.

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What are the advantages of this technique?

  • Greater recognition of the brand identity. Screen printing on glass makes the brand more recognizable
  • Precision. Screen printing allows you to create precise prints down to the smallest detail, and is therefore ideal for elaborate graphics.
  • Durability over time. the screen-printed decoration does not scratch or get damaged and is therefore preferable to any label.
  • Sustainability. It contributes to recycling and the green economy as, unlike plastic sleeves or paper labels, it makes glass disposal easier.
  • Versatility. This technique allows ample freedom to customize the product with logos, drawings, images and writings.

Vidrostyle uses a creative approach, all processes can be combined for a personalized result.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving on glass is a versatile and non-invasive processing technique, ideal for solutions such as wine glasses, carafes, bottles or decanters.

During the manufacturing process, the surface of the object is melted and hollowed out causing a real removal of material which leaves a cavity. The sum of the marks left by the engraving on the surface defines the definitive decoration that characterizes your object.

The result obtained will have a fine and elegant effect and will also be resistant to any type of washing.

Being an engraving and not a printing technique, it allows you to obtain only one color: satin white .

What are the advantages of this process?

  • Resistence. Laser processing is not an engraving made on the glass and is therefore impossible to remove, scratch proof, resistant to repeated washing in industrial dishwashers.
  • Economic sustainability. Laser processing allows you to customize both large and small quantities of product at low cost as consumables such as inks or sprays are not used.

Vidrostyle uses a creative approach, all processes can be combined for a personalized result.

Painting and sandblasting effect

Varnishing is a decoration technique which consists in the use of water-based colors which are applied with precision on the glass thanks to the use of the latest generation equipment .

We use different methods of applying color in order to always guarantee a uniform application without imperfections . Furthermore, the treated objects pass directly from the varnishing area into the firing tunnel , in order to avoid defects on the finished product and guarantee optimal color fixing.

New in the field of painting is that of the etched or sandblasted effect , which we create on bottles, glasses and glass containers.

This is thanks to the use of a particular varnish specifically designed to obtain the same aspect of the etching, maintaining an eco-friendly and environmentally friendly philosophy.

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