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“Piero Xmas” is the new limited edition bottle that we created together with Piero Dry Gin to celebrate Christmas.

The new Gin Piero in the Christmas version is packaged in a precious 0.70L Toro Quadra bottle on which an organic opaque red paint with screen printing has been applied.


We are in Morgex, among the vineyards
of the Cave Mont Blanc winery with a view of Mont Blanc. Here, at an altitude of 2173 meters at the first station of the Skyway cable car, Cuvèe des Guides is produced: it is a classic method sparkling wine enclosed in a refined and elegant

For Cave Mont Blanc we have created a single color vitrified screen printing: the silver used for the production gives uniqueness to this champenoise and to the product it contains.

A beautiful bottle of wine in turn needs a refined and elegant solid wood box embellished with the logo of the winery using the hot stamping technique.


For Natura Gin we have created a 5-color digital screen printing on a Belleville 700 bottle: the wrapper
perfect for this London Dry Gin which stands out for its strong taste and intense aroma given by Robinia and St. John's wort flowers; proceeds
from the infusion of 9 botanicals by classic English-style distillation, without the addition of artificial flavors or colors.

An environmentally friendly Gin like its bottle, a recyclable container without plastic labels. The symbol chosen by the guys at Natura Gin for is significant
best represent their product: a small bee, which has always been linked to eco-sustainable choices and respect for the planet and its ecosystem.

A philosophy in line with the one that Vidrostyle has embraced since its foundation. We turn indeed
particular attention to the theme of sustainability: every day we choose to use raw materials of organic and natural origin for our processes.

Digital printing over the years
on glass has become more and more perfected thus allowing us to offer a
greater variety of customizations and the possibility of developing projects
even on small runs.

Each glass container
it becomes unique and can be adapted to the needs of the customer, by choice
from the shape to the type of print, always respecting the environment.

<<Too Be Natural>>


Gargano in a glass. For Istmo Gin we have created a one color screen printing on a white glass “Trevi”. The design is composed of simple and elegant lines which
recall the Gargano landscape and the waves of its sea. This gin perfectly summarizes the wonder of these places in one
sip, telling the love and passion of those who live there.


"Truly Red, Simply Bio" This Turin Rosso Superiore vermouth stands out for its particular composition: 100% Barbera d'Asti DOCG, its sweet notes of cherry, red fruits and a hint of citrus, spices and botanicals such as nutmeg, pepper with cinchona, gentian and artemisia.

This Mr. Vermouth could not miss a precious bottle that
express all its uniqueness. For Karminia Vermouth we have created a silkscreen in red and satin gold on a trendy decò bottle in dark glass.

Tell us your idea and together we can create a tailor-made project to give value to your brand.